Talented and Gifted Programming

Vision: Individuals served by the gifted program will be provided with challenging opportunities for ongoing learning embedded in an accepting, student-centered culture across all instructional settings throughout every school day.

Mission: The mission of the Oskaloosa Community School District K-12 Talented and Gifted Program is to provide challenging and appropriate learning opportunities that address identified gifted students’ unique abilities and emotional, social, and academic needs. 


1. Gifted students thrive in a school culture that recognizes, respects, and addresses their advanced skills.

2. Gifted student programming should be delivered using systematic and transparent procedures.

3. Gifted students need opportunities to socialize and learn with like-ability peers.

4. Gifted students should be provided on a regular basis with opportunities to be unique and to develop independently in areas of passion and talent. 

5. Gifted students need differentiation of instructional delivery in terms of pace, amount of review and practice, and organization of content presentation within specific curriculum areas, as well as daily challenges in specific areas of talent.