Welcome to the Student Services web page for the Oskaloosa Community School District. Our district is committed to providing quality educational services to maximize the potential of ALL learners with exceptionalities.

The Student Services department provides support to staff, students, and families across all instructional programs in the Oskaloosa Community School District. Services are provided to students in preschool, elementary, middle, high, and 4+ programming in accordance with all state and federal requirements. Comprehensive services are provided to students who have unique learning needs or who require differentiation to instruction, learning, and/or assessment.

  • Student Services includes: 
    • Special Education Services
    • Talented and Gifted Programming (TAG)
    • English Learners (EL)
    • At-risk Programming
    • Section 504 Plans
    • Students that are Homeless
    • School Counseling
    • Nursing Services
Photo of Melanie Hatch

Melanie Hatch

Director of Student Services