Section 504 Services

The Oskaloosa Community School District does not discriminate in its educational programs and activities on the basis of a student’s disability. Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 is a federal statute that prohibits discrimination based upon a disability from all aspects of school operation.  Section 504 focuses on ensuring a level of access to educational services and the learning process for qualified students with a disability that is equal to that given to students without a disability including services, programs,and activities offered by the district.  All students are entitled to a free appropriate public education.  An appropriate education for a student with a 504 plan may require the provision of specific accommodations and related services in order to allow the student equal access or benefit from the school’s programs and services.  It is the responsibility of regular education staff and building administrator/504 representative to implement those practices and procedures necessary for a school to fulfill the requirements of this law.  

Students eligible for Section 504 accommodation plans must meet ALL three criteria.  The three criteria are (1) a mental or physical impairment, (2) which substantially limits, (3) one or more major life activities.  A school team that is knowledgeable of the student determines, with evaluation data, if the student meets eligibility criteria.

Referrals for Section 504 may be made to the building administrator or the 504 representative by contacting the school office.  The district’s designated Section 504 Coordinator is the Director of Student Services, Melanie Hatch, 1800 N. 3rd Street, Oskaloosa, IA 52577, (641)673-8092, 

Photo of Melanie Hatch

Melanie Hatch

Director of Student Services