Regular attendance at school, just like attendance on the job, is an important ingredient of success. Regular attendance at school is essential for a student to obtain maximum opportunities from the educational program and to develop self-discipline and responsibility. It is the Parent/Guardian's responsibility to assure that their child is in attendance.

Students are expected to be in class and to make attendance a top priority. Only through attendance and class participation do students achieve the benefits of the education program. Participating in class discussion, developing an appreciation for the views and abilities of other students, and forming the habit of regular attendance are legitimate class objectives. Learning lost due to an absence can never be replaced. Regular attendance and being well prepared for class help students in school and prepares students for adulthood.

When a student is going to be absent, the school would like the parent or guardian to call the school as early as possible, but before 10:00 a.m. In the event the school does not receive a phone call by 10:15 a.m., the school may attempt to justify the child's absence by phone or use of the truant officer (Oskaloosa Police Department).

Communication with school officials prior to a student's absence is encouraged.

Upon a student's return to school, a note or a phone call is required from the parent/guardian. Students who fail to bring a written excuse or a phone call after their return to school will be coded as truant. Students will be issued an admit slip from the office. Two school days will be granted for make up of work for each day of absence.

Attendance Codes:

VE: Verified Excused Absence - Documentation and/or verbal notification has been provided. Examples of verified excused absences include medically documented illness, medically documented appointment, funeral of family member, court appearances, school sponsored/approved activities, or other absences approved by the building principal. School nurse can provide written documentation of illness if he/she actually serves the student.

After 6 absences, parents will be required to provide official documentation for absences. If none provided, the absence will be Verfieid Unexcused. The administration can request official documentation to verify absences at any time.

VU: Verified UnExcused Absence - Parent provides written or verbal notification to the school for a non-excused absence reason.

TR: Truant - No parental notification has been made to the school or student absence reason is unknown.

Definition of verified - Parent provides a written or verbal notification to the school of students absence. Lack of verification, the student will be considered truant.

Please contact your child's school regarding attendance questions, concerns, or issues.