Oskaloosa Virtual Academy Enrollment

Registration Process

If you currently attend Oskaloosa Community School District, completed the open enrollment paperwork into OVA by the deadline, or you are a resident of OCSD but attend another school district (and wish to transfer to the Oskaloosa Virtual Academy), please complete the online registration processThis link will take you to the Oskaloosa registration portion of the website. Follow the directions and make sure you indicate Oskaloosa Virtual Academy when prompted. When you register your student it is with the intention of participating in the virtual school for the entire school year.

Students/Families that have elected to participate in the Virtual Academy are committed for the school year. Requests to exit the Academy and return to the face to face school environment must be submitted to the Virtual Academy administrator, Chris Elwood, via email, at least 2 weeks prior to the end of the trimester.  This request will lead to a meeting with the building principal, curriculum director, virtual learning coordinator and the family to determine approval of the request. Approved requests will take place ONLY at the change of trimesters. *Extenuating circumstances may be considered.

Open Enrollment to Oskaloosa Virtual Academy:

For more information regarding the open enrollment process, please refer to the open enrollment page on the Iowa Department of Education.  Iowa Department of Education Open Enrollment Information


For more information about the Virtual Program’s curriculum and teachers, contact Chris Elwood, Virtual Academy Administrator, at 673-8345 or elwoodc@oskycsd.org. For questions about the enrollment process, contact Lisa Brown, District Registrar, at 673-8345 or registrar@oskycsd.org.