My Jersey, Your Impact!

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Oskaloosa Football has started a new tradition this year, My Jersey, Your Impact. The Seniors of the Oskaloosa Indian Football team have each nominated a teacher that has made a positive impact on them as a person. As a thank you for all they do, the seniors will give their jerseys to a teacher of their choice to wear on Friday.

Senior Football Players and Teacher Nominations:

#9 Donivan Tighe - Mrs. Knoot

#11 Will Schultz - Mr. Eversmeyer

#15 Keaton Flaherty - Mrs. Gritters

#16 Ryan Hafner - Mrs. Allison Stout

#17 Caleb Ophiem - Mr. Frederick

#21 Darryl Fane - Mr. Lenhart

#27 Collin Snitker - Mrs. Doud

#33 Landon Briggs - Ms. DeBruin

#43 Andres Chaves - Mrs. Dodd

#48 Blake Westercamp - Mrs. Visser

#50 Dawson Braden - Mr. Sterner

#52 Christian Cavan - Mr. Weinreich

#53 Ikaika Opheim - Mr. Ferstein

#68 Will Campbell - Mrs. Stam

#70 Warren Feudner - Mrs. Grosshans

#77 Bryce Beerbower - Mrs. Dewitt

#81 Cade Kelderman - Mr. Lorentzen

Thank you to all who participated in the My Jersey, Your Impact event this morning. While we were only able to nominate 17 teachers for this event, we all know that every teacher in our district has a great impact on our students' lives on a daily basis. Thank you for your dedication to all of our students!

Have a great day! Go Indians!!!