Oskaloosa Community School District Secure Message Portal

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In order to further protect the privacy of our students and families and ensure compliance with regulations, such as HIPAA and FERPA, we are implementing a new email encryption service through Zix Corporation. This service will help us protect outgoing email from the district containing sensitive information. If an email is determined to have sensitive information, you will be able to receive these encrypted email messages through Zix. If you have questions about this service, please contact the Central Office at 641.673.8345.

When you receive an encrypted message from the Oskaloosa Community School District, you may receive a notification email with instructions on how to open the message in your email inbox.  If your email provider supports this, you will not have to complete additional steps. 

If you receive an email notification, select Open Message. You will go through a one-time registration process. After you register and sign in, you will be able to view the email message. Secure email messages expire after 30 days from when they are sent. Future emails will use the same username and password you selected during the registration process.