Osky Return-to-Learn Plan

Osky Return-to-Learn Plan

June 24, 2020

Dear Oskaloosa Families:

Responding to COVID-19 has been a tremendous undertaking for schools. Schools are tasked with re-envisioning educational delivery models in a span of weeks and adjust practices accordingly. As we look toward the fall, the safety and health of our students, educators, and families remains our highest priority. The Iowa Department of Education is providing guidance to aid our school districts’ decision making as we look to build educational services and supports in a COVID-19 environment.  Risk mitigation and health factors will drive decisions regarding school operations. 

While we are planning for and expecting schools to reopen this fall, they will undoubtedly look different. There will need to be social distancing, new cleaning and disinfecting procedures, and changes to how educators deliver instruction. There will be students who are not able to return to school due to health concerns and students who may be quarantined due to exposure. This means the Oskaloosa School District has planned for both Face-to-Face and required online learning to accommodate all types of learners and situations..

We are sharing with you a DRAFT of the 2020 Return-to-Learn Plan for the Oskaloosa School District.  A variety of representatives have been working on this plan which considers all scenarios regarding returning to school in the fall.  Keep in mind things can and will change when it comes to COVID-19 and the regulations the school district will be following.  

Included with this communication is a link to a comment form.  If you have thoughts or questions, please share them on the comment form.  Your comments will be shared with the committees as we consider our final Return-to-Learn plan.  We will be posting a frequently asked questions (FAQ) document to respond to your questions and provide consistent answers and information to the public.  The Return-to-Learn plan, along with FAQ’s will be available on the district website: www.oskycsd.org.



The Oskaloosa Community School District remains committed to providing a high quality, safe environment for all of our learners.  We are looking forward to welcoming the students back to school in August.  We appreciate your continued support of the Oskaloosa Community School District!

Paula J. Wright, Superintendent

Oskaloosa Community School District