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Oskaloosa Middle School 7th and 8th Graders interested in competing in athletics, this includes 6th graders interested in playing softball and Oskaloosa Christian School 7th and 8th grade student-athletes planning to play Football, Cross Country, Wrestling, Track, or Softball should make themselves familiar with this website. We encourage every 7th & 8th grade student to participate in at least one or more sports at the middle school level. Please select a specific sports season from the menu above for more information about the particular sport during a given season. If you are curious about music or drama select the last tab for instructors and director contact information, and the dates of upcoming contests, performances, and concerts.

To participate in any sport several documents need to be submitted to the Athletic Director no less than 24 hours BEFORE participation in practice. Failure to submit a form or submitting incomplete forms will result in an athlete being denied the opportunity to practice, and failure to submit materials in a timely matter may also result in delays in participating in competitions. Students must have a current physical (within the past 13 months) on file. Physicals may be completed by a physician, surgeon, osteopath, advanced registered nurse practitioner (ARNP), physician’s assistant, or qualified doctor of chiropractic and can be submitted online when signing up for activities or to the Oskaloosa Middle School Main Office.

There are additional documents that must be completed as well annually to begin practicing and these must be completed and signed after June 30th (July 1st is the official start date of the new school year): Code of Conduct and Insurance Form, Heads Up: Concussion Form, and the Health Card. These forms will be completed during the online activities sign-up.

Not playing a sport but planning to participate in an extracurricular activity or to serve as a sports manager? Then you'll need to complete every form outlined above with one exception. Students not participating in contact or physically strenuous activities within the sporting contests or practices DO NOT need to complete the physical examination portion on the back of the Physical Form, but the bottom third of the back page must still be completed by a parent or guardian and must be signed, dated, and he/she should include your address and phone number should questions or concerns arise or clarification be needed.

Once all of the required paperwork has been submitted then athletes can join their coaches and teammates on the fields, courts, and mats. Non-athletes cannot travel or participate in any event without submitting all the necessary paperwork. Each sport will have their own set of rules and expectations that the coaches will expect to be followed and abided by in season that'll be provided via a physical handout at a preseason meeting or one of the first few practices. In addition to a hardcopy all handouts will be linked under the sports season tab in the top ribbon, then under the designated sports link. However, these rules and expectations are not the only ones in place at Oskaloosa Middle School for our student-athletes. Click here to go to the OMS Student Handbook, in it contains the academic eligibility policy, the attendance policy, and the good conduct policies in effect for student-athletes before, during and after the sports' seasons.


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