Important Technology Information for Students and Staff leaving Oskaloosa Schools

What happens to my Google Account when I leave?

Seniors:  Your Google Account will be suspended in August.

Other Students: Your Google Account will be suspended a short time after you leave. 

Staff: Your Google Account will be suspended in August if you are leaving at the end of the school year, otherwise shortly after you leave. 

red arrow imageMake sure if you used this gmail account for other accounts such as iTunes accounts, social media, gaming systems, etc. that you change those to a personal email account soon so you don't forget. It can be very difficult to get some accounts changed if you don't have access to the account once it has been suspended. You can sign up for your own personal Gmail account using these instructions. (Note that you cannot do this on a school chromebook, as it only allows your school account.)

Google Documents:

Staff:  Make sure that you transfer ownership for any document or file to someone who needs it, such as in a club or group.  They can make a copy and have full control over the copy after your file is deleted.
If you need help with learning how to transfer ownership, click here for instructions. Staff can also move documents into shared/team folders. Please put in a workorder if you need to be able to copy folders to shared/team drives as that option isn't available to all users. Files moved to shared folders are not shared with individuals any longer, so those would need to be reset if necessary. This is better to do with transferring ownwership as sharing is preserved.

If there are documents you want to keep, you will need to download those to your computer and save on an external drive. Be careful not to take any student data with you.

Seniors: You can use “Google Takeout” to download all of the Google data that you want to keep.  You are limited in how many archives you can download so make sure to wait until you are done with your classes first.

Some of the Google Data you can export/download:

  • Google Mail/Contacts
  • Google Drive Documents
  • Google Calendar
  • Bookmarks
  • More!

Uncheck any types of information you don't want to take with you. This will make it go quicker and have less files.
Google Takeout -

Your data will be downloaded into a .zip file to be opened in other programs or uploaded into another Google Account.

Backing up Google Photos: (Don't use Google Takeout for Photos)

How to Back Up Google Photos Video - using Albums of less than 500 photos in each album - easy download of albums

Turn In Your Device

Please turn in your device to the office when you check out with either student services, or a secretary or principal. Make sure you turn in your charger, your bag if you had one and staff need to also turn in your HDMI/USB dongle (Anker brand).

Staff - Other Important Things To Do:

  1. Create a “Vacation Responder” to inform others that your email account will be ended soon and who to contact.
  2. Save Google Contacts that you want to save. 
  3. To save your files from your computer, use a portable hard drive or USB flash drive to transfer them to another computer.  You can also upload them to store in a personal Google Account.
  4. Sign Out of iCloud/iTunes accounts on all of your school devices **Also remove all school devices from FindMy if you added those. Instructions can be found here. 
    If you don't remove your devices, we will be tracking you down to do that, as it causes issues on our end if it is left in there.

VIDEO:  Google Takout to Transfer Drive & Gmail from School Account to Personal Account


Staff computers will be wiped/fully erased after turn-in, before issuing to another staff member.