Google Account Help and How To's

What should my school Google account be used for or not used for?

Your school account is assigned to you as long as you are a student or staff member at Oskaloosa Schools. Once you leave our district, your account will be deleted or suspended, which means you won't have access to any mail, files, calendars for the account, and shared documents will stop working.

Your school account should be used only for school associated tasks. Only sign up for school related online accounts with your school email.
This means you should NOT be using your school email to sign up for personal social media, your gaming systems, Google Play store, iTunes/App store, etc. because once you leave our district, you won't have access to it and that can create a big problem sometimes with putting a new account on some systems or recovering passwords.

Can I put my school Google account on my phone or other personal devices?

Yes, you can. Just beware of using it on shared devices, making sure you sign out after each time you are done using the account.
To sign out of your account, click on the picture at the top right and click on Sign Out. 

  • You will probably want several of the Google Apps on your phone:
    • Download the Gmail App, Google Drive app, Classroom, Docs, etc. and possibly Calendar. Just search your app store for Google.

Videos to Help: