Internet & App Safety

Internet Safety and Digital Citizenship is very important in our social media driven world.

The following links are good resources for parents to gain knowledge and have conversations with children regarding how to stay safe online and what to do if they see something that is scary or doesn't seem right. The most important thing parents can do is keep conversations open and continuous with kids about their activity online and how to handle situations they may encounter, before they happen.

Age group specific tips and Parents Guides

NetSmartz - Internet safety teaching resources, games, videos to share with your kids - from the National Center for Missing & Exploited children

McGruff Safe Kids

How to Flag Inappropriate Content on YouTube


There are so many apps out there with new ones being created constantly that it's hard to keep up with what's safe and appropriate for our kids to use. Talk with your kids about apps they and their friends are using, how they are used, what are they accessing, are they able to chat in the app, are there hidden areas to save things in the app? Consider using parental controls on their devices to limit what apps they can install or use. To help you navigate this, here are some good resources:

Common Sense Media App Reviews for Parents
Common Sense Media - Apps to Watch Out For

Guide to Apps - Getting to grips with apps children use - also search the parents section for specific apps