Summer Repairs:

For summer chromebook repairs, just drop off chromebooks at our central office at George Daily Auditorium (1800 N 3rd St.) in the lobby. Fill out a short form with contact information and the problem the student is having and put it in the chromebook tub. Bring the charger if it's a charging or power issue and mark on the form that you brought the charger. We will repair it and contact you when it's ready to pick up. Please do this before school starts so the chromebook is working on the first day of school.

General Chromebook Troubleshooting

Connecting to Wifi on the chromebook:

  • The chromebook should prompt you to connect to a wireless network when the lid is opened or the chromebook is turned on.
  • Choose your wifi network from the list and enter the password.
  • The wifi icon is also in the task bar - click on the wifi signal icon next to the battery and time icons.
  • Click here for more help

How to login to the chromebook:

  • The student will sign in on the login screen with their school email address that ends in
    • Make sure no spaces are entered in the email address or password
  • Passwords are case sensitive
  • Personal accounts are not allowed to login on the chromebooks and will not work
  • Still having login issues?   Contact a teacher for help.

Website doesn't display right, videos won't play, say restricted or "Google Can't Open" messages:

A Website or Video is Blocked

  • Let the teacher know which website or video is blocked so they can have it whitelisted

Schoology Questions (High School only)

  • Contact a teacher for help

Google Classroom Questions

  • Contact a teacher for help

Classlink Questions

Chromebook hardware issues:

  • Chromebook won't turn on
    • Charge chromebook for a minimum of 15 minutes, then try to power it on
    • Hold refresh button and power button together for 10 seconds, then just press power button once
    • Try moving the chromebook with lid open, sometimes the sensor will trigger it to turn on
  • Chromebook or charger is broken or damaged
  • Keyboard is typing the wrong keys
    • Check the keyboard settings in the chromebook settings by clicking the taskbar area where battery and time show, then click the gear icon for settings
    • Try resetting chrome settings to default - click here for instructions
  • Trackpad isn't working, mouse cursor disappeared
    • Try shutting off chromebook either by holding power button down until it shuts off, or choosing Shut Down in task bar
  • For any hardware issue you can't resolve with the above steps, fill out the tech support form