Data Privacy

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Why is data privacy so important? Are you protecting your data?

Your data can say a lot about you. Do you want your data to be public to the world? What if someone gets access to that data, what affect will it have on you? This can be data from social media or it can be your personal identity data, such as birthdate, address, phone number, words you use for security on passwords, words you use in passwords, or your actual passwords. All of this data if put in the wrong hands can lead to identity theft, loss of job, loss of scholarships, and financial issues.

How can you protect your data?

Use good passphrases, a combination of words, numbers and characters for your password. Don't use the same password for everything. If a data breach happens and someone gets your password, you don't want them having access to your bank account, your social media, your email, etc.

Use passcodes on your devices so if they are lost, someone can't easily get access to your accounts, that you have saved passwords for.

Be cautious on public wifi as you don't know who is lurking on those networks with tools to capture your account and password information that you enter while on that network.

Check your privacy settings in your apps to make sure you aren't sharing your posts publicly, leaving digital footprints that may affect your future.

Privacy Tips for Teens

Make sure you read the terms of use and privacy policies for apps you download. What do they say they collecting for data and what are doing with your data? Are they selling it? What does the app have access to? Your contacts, your photos, your document, etc.? Do you think that is ok? How are they going to use those?  These are all important detail to pay attention to. What