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Jeff Kirby

High School Principal

“Education is not the learning of facts but the training of the mind to think.”  Albert Einstein


Professional Development Activities/Topics

  • This month’s Iowa Instructional Framework focus staff learned about the Environment domain. Teachers were able to visit each other’s classrooms and see how they focus on providing a quality environment for students with a focus on how to improve their classroom environments. 
  • Other professional development learning gave teachers time to learn from each other about how they are addressing the district's expectation of student goal setting.  
  • Additionally, staff focused on Multi-tiered-systems of support (MTSS). Learning about our tiered services at OHS with a focus on our Tier I services and how to address student interventions in the classroom.  
  • To build off these MTSS conversations, our high school staff spent their entire day working with student data on Friday, September 23rd. Staff explored our Iowa Statewide Assessment of Student Progress (ISASP)  data from the spring of 2022.  Staff utilized a protocol for examining data (see below) that led to them coming up with a recommendation for addressing their determined problem. Additionally, teachers looked at Condition For Learning data and student evidence data.  All of which teachers will use to drive instruction in the classroom. 

Walkthroughs - Mr. O’Brien and I have begun to spend time in teachers' classrooms conducting walkthroughs.  Providing staff feedback focuses on things they do well and ideas to help them improve. With a strong focus on the Iowa Instructional Framework and Standards-Based Grading.        

Individual Growth Plans - Teachers at OHS have completed their Growth Plan Meetings with staff for the school year.  The staff has their goals set for the 2022-2023 school year and action plans for meeting their personal goals.     

OHS SLT Meeting - OHS SLT has been focusing on Ad Hoc work this month. The Freshman Ad Hoc team has been preparing for a visit to Adali Stevenson High School in Illinois.  The team will visit this highly honored high school to learn how they support their freshman students from their transition into high school and throughout their freshman school year to ensure higher levels of success. Our visit to Adali Stevenson is on October 17th and 18th. Additionally, our other Ad Hoc groups continue to work to support professional development and improve other building-wide programs at OHS, like Homeroom.       

Environmental Strategy Considerations Housekeeping Steps


Construction Trades - The Construction Trades program is making great progress.  The walls are up, and the roof trusses have been delivered and will go up soon.  Students have had great weather this fall to allow them to work on this project, and Mr. Bower and his team of 18 students are making excellent progress this year.    

Building Construction Photo #1Building Construction Photo #2Building Construction Photo #3

FOX’S Big Noon Kickoff! - Six Oskaloosa Video Production students had the opportunity to visit the set of FOX's Big Noon Kickoff in Iowa City on Thursday. OHS graduate, Drew Ruggles, is a lead video engineer for the crew and was an awesome tour guide for the group. What a fantastic experience!

Video Production Team

It's not all “Sit and Get” -  Below, you will see that we have teachers moving beyond the formal lecture style of teaching and getting students to move and communicate, utilizing activities to engage students.  The pictures below are taken from social studies, Spanish and Science classes

Social Studies ClassSpanish ClassScience Class

Social Studies students learn about the civil war through gamification of the curriculum.

Spanish students engaged in a scavenger hunt in the building to support learning about pilgrimage in Spain.

Science students learn about periodic trends and conduct flame tests.



Homecoming was a huge success!  Our student council did an excellent job organizing all Homecoming week events.  Students organize everything from the powderpuff games, parade, coronation, dress-up days and the dance.  Congratulations to Elliot Nelson and Audree Cheney for being selected as this year's King and Queen.  

Homecoming Photo #1Homecoming Photo #2Homecoming Photo #3


Home Visits - We have completed eleven home visits this year and will continue to conduct them throughout the rest of the school year.  Home visits focus on supporting students that are exhibiting behaviors that require some additional support or attention that the personal connection of a home visit can establish.

Homecoming Dress-Up Days info Homecoming Activities


Safety - We have completed one lockdown drill and will conduct fire and tornado drills in the next two weeks. 

Construction - Our music department is currently occupying its new space.  There are a few odds and ends that still need to be addressed. However, the project is far enough to allow students to access the space.  Likewise, students are now using the new cafeteria and student success center.  These spaces also require additional work before they are fully completed and are currently being used by students. Finally, although it got a late start, the welding area ventilation project is on its way to completion.  The ventilation unit has been delivered and is currently being installed along with the Ductwork.

Construction Photos
Construction Photo #1 Construction Photo #2 Construction Photo #3
Construction Photo #4 Construction Photo #5 Construction Photo #6