OVP Osky Pride Videos Showcasing OHS


21st Century Room
Come see our state of the art room where the OHS  teachers and students can collaborate.

OHS students put together plays for south east Iowa elementary school kids

Christmas Story
This shows one of our projects from our people helping class.

See how our students present a medieval themed night each year

Lacey Complex
The Lacey Complex is home for many sporting events.

Light Show
Come to a home event at OHS gym and see how we introduce our teams.

Osky Activities
Osky Activities - something for everyone.

George Daily Auditorium
George Daily is where we host many events - come check it out.

Elective Classes
OHS has many choices for students for electives

School to Work Program
OHS offers a unique school to work program for students to get some real world experience.

Peer PE
Peer PE is a great opportunity for our students.