Welcome to the OHS library!

Our library has two sections:  a traditional library area with bookshelves and comfortable seating, and a 21st Century room complete with 2 large presentation screens, 6 smaller presentation screens, and modular furniture that can be arranged to suit many configurations of students in groups.

Additionally, we offer a small recording/study room, and we keep students busy during their free time with chess and jigsaw puzzles.  Our library books are organized by genre, which helps students browse and find reading material that matches their interests.  Check our library's online catalog to see what titles we offer.

The library is served by a library clerk and a half-time teacher librarian.  If you have questions about our space or our services, please call the high school at 641-673-3407 or email teacher librarian Rebecca Bock at bockr@oskycsd.org.  You can also find more information on our Services Available page.