Welcome to the Oskaloosa School District's Child Nutrition Page!

Who are we?  

We're a group of child nutrition professionals who literally live to serve our students.  We feel very strongly that school meals are the building blocks of a successful & productive school day for each child.  We are contiunally striving to prepare high-quality, nutritious meals that the students love to eat!  

*All meals must pass stringent guidelines from the USDA regarding calories, fat, sugar, & salt.  When your child eats a school meal, you can be certain that it's packed with goodness!

School District Wellness Policy

Want to eat lunch with your student(s)?  Great!  Feel free to join us anytime.  You will need to stop in the main office of your student's school & pay the secretary.  

Contact the Food Service Director, Morgan Johnson, with any questions or concerns.  She can be reached at johnsonma@oskycsd.org, or 641-673-3407