Welcome to the Oskaloosa School District's Child Nutrition Page!

Who are we?  

We're a group of child nutrition professionals who literally live to serve our students.  We feel very strongly that school meals are the building blocks of a successful & productive school day for each child.  We are contiunally striving to prepare high-quality, nutritious meals that the students love to eat!  

*All meals must pass stringent guidelines from the USDA regarding calories, fat, sugar, & salt.  When your child eats a school meal, you can be certain that it's packed with goodness!

Both breakfast and lunch will be provided at no cost to all students regardless of income for school year 2021-2022.  

School District Wellness Policy

Want to eat lunch with your student(s)?  Great!  Feel free to join us anytime.  You will need to stop in the main office of your student's school & pay the secretary.  

Contact the Food Service Director, Morgan Johnson, with any questions or concerns.  She can be reached at johnsonma@oskycsd.org, or 641-673-3407


Message from Chartwells K12 Regarding National Supply Chain Issues

September 2021

Over the past few months, you may have seen news stories about disruptions in the supply chain across the country, resulting from effects of the pandemic.  Industries, including food and foodservice, as well as construction and automotive, have been impacted by manufacturing and labor shortages across the country in ways that we’ve never experienced before.

At Oskaloosa Community Schools, students and families can continue to count on us for great-tasting meals kids love to eat every day. As you may have already seen, there will likely be more frequent menu changes based on product substitutions and shortages from our suppliers. We are doing our best to stay ahead and up to date, however we are facing challenges.

Understanding these supply chain challenges will likely continue for the next several months, we wanted to reach out and let you know we’re doing everything we can to proactively address issues before they inevitably arise.  Working in partnership with Foodbuy, our group purchasing organization and the largest procurement organization in North America, some of the proactive steps we have taken, include:

·       We have changed our ordering schedules to allow distributors more time to identify new sources for out-of-stock products in the event it occurs.

·       We’ve identified alternate suppliers and products where we found that existing ones wouldn’t be able to meet our needs. For example, we learned our previous supplier for pizza dough would not be able to commit to serving our             schools, so we contracted with a new one that can.

·       In June, we planned menus for this fall and began placing orders for food at that time. This process was designed to help suppliers and distributors plan well ahead for stock we need to serve kids now.

If there’s one thing the past 18 months has proven, it’s that flexibility is in our DNA.  From turning cafeteria operations into emergency feeding programs overnight when the pandemic hit to serving kids in classrooms and through meal-kit pick up sites through the past school year, our team is passionate about the meals we serve your students and they’re skilled at quickly adapting to ensure that kids are always fed. 

One additional note for families, please encourage students to ask questions about any food items to the kitchen manager at their school.  We will do our best to keep menus updated, however we can always answer any questions if there are concerns.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your student’s meals, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Morgan Johnson, Food Service Director.

Thank you in advance for your patience and flexibility during this time.