Information on Open Enrollment
The Open Enrollment Law permits a wide range of educational choices for students enrolled in Iowa schools.  Parents and guardians may request open enrollment to a school district other than their district of residence if they meet application deadlines and have good cause as defined by law.

March 1 is the deadline for regular open enrollment for the upcoming school year.  Exceptions to the March 1 deadline are based on "good cause."

Students in kindergarten through high school age who are eligible to enroll in the district where they reside are eligible for open enrollment. 

Athletic Eligibility
Students who open enroll in grades 9 through 12 shall not be eligible to participate in varsity contests and competitions during the first 90 school days of transfer.  Please contact the Iowa Girls High School Athletic Union at (515)288-9741 or the Iowa High Schoo Athletic Association at (515)432-2011 for questions regarding eligibility.

How to Apply for Open Enrollment
Applications available at the Central Office ~ George Daily Auditorium, 1800 North Third Street, Oskaloosa.

Download forms from the Department of Education: Open Enrollment Forms