OES Pickup & Drop Off, Parking and Traffic Flow

OES Pickup Procedures:


OES now uses an application entitled Driveline. Driveline allows our dismissal process to be efficient and safe for our students and families.

Upon arrival, individuals picking up their student(s) should display their designated Driveline ID number via their rearview mirror.  Cars will file into the marked lanes and staff will begin entering each family ID number.

In the classrooms, teachers will display the home screen that aligns with the cars being seen in the colored zones. When students see their name displayed, they will immediately exit the school through the designated exit to the waiting car. Students are kept safe in their classroom and not dismissed until their family arrives.

Students will load into the organized vehicles outside. When all cars have been filled, those zones will be dismissed. This will continue until all students have been dismissed.

Driveline Video

OES Morning Drop off: 

*All car drop offs should happen on the sidewalk BEFORE the crosswalk in both loops (the curved area is to remain clear for emergency vehicles at all times. Dropping off there disrupts the flow of traffic and slows down the drop off line).

*Please have your child exit only on the sidewalk side of the car and not into moving traffic.

*Please help us model safe habits by crossing the road only at the two designated crosswalks that are patrolled daily to better ensure safety.

*If you need to help your child out of the car, please park in one of the spaces provided and do so. This allows the drop off lane to continue to flow.