All facilty requests can be done online at the following address:

Below is the process for requesting use of Oskaloosa School District facilities:

1. Become a requester
2. Login & request date(s)
3. Get approval with contract sent to user
4. Return contract signed

Facility Fee Schedule

Oskaloosa School District employee/practice $5 an hour.
Outside entity using facility to make money $25 per hour for facility and $35 for custodial.

(Custodial required on weekends and large events.)

Facility Rental Groups

All Oskaloosa School District events will take priority over non school sponsored events.
All rental groups will need to show proof of insurance.
Covid Rental Regulations
1. Maintain distancing as much as possible
2. Cleaning & Sanitation
-Coaches responsible for cleaning shared equipment
-Bring own hand sanitizer
3. Capacity Limits
None at this time
4. Face Coverings
-Face coverings are optional/personal choice
-If sick...stay home
-Wash & Sanitize hands throughout the rental.
5. Coach or Director is responsible for making sure all guidelines are followed by their groups.  If group is found to not be following such measures,rentals will be stopped at that time until we can ensure guidelines are being followed.
6.  Extra Covid-19 cleaning fees may be added depending on the situation.