Verified Excused Absence

Students participating in school activities must be in school by 11:00 am or at a school sponsored activity the day of an event in order to participate. A student who has a doctor appointment must bring the doctor note to the attendance office. The parent must also complete one of the following: call the attendance secretary the day of the doctor visit, sign the doctor note on the back, or send along a written note addressing the doctor visit that day. Only in extraordinary circumstances may the principal waive this rule. 

If a student is going to participate in a school related activity causing him/her to miss school, that student will need to make up their work in advance by obtaining an admit slip from the office. Any work or tests made up afterwards may be at a reduced credit depending upon individual teacher policy. 

A student wanting to support their classmates at a state contest will be able to have this absence entered as an “Verified Excused” absence as long as there is a parent note or phone call allowing this absence and a state contest ticket verifying the student was in attendance. This will only be for the first day of the state contest. (Some state contests do not start on Day 1 for OHS ~ thus, the second day of a state contest may be considered as the first day). A second day or more of attending a state contest will be entered as a “Verified Unexcused” absence if parents contact the school. A student who is part of the team in good standing at the state contest, but not participating, will be marked as an “Verified Excused” absence as long as there is a parent contact with the school and a state contest ticket submitted for each day. 

If a student is not in attendance at school due to illness, they should not be attending school sponsored events, as a spectator, that evening. 


All contestants must be enrolled and in good standing in a school that is a member or associate member in good standing of the organization sponsoring the event. 

All contestants must be under 20 years of age. 

All contestants shall be enrolled students of the school in good standing. They shall receive credit in at least four (4) subjects, each of one period or “hour” or the equivalent there of, at all times.  Coursework taken from a postsecondary institution and for which a school district or accredited non-public school grants academic credit toward high school graduation shall be used in determining eligibility, No student shall be denied eligibility if the student’s school program deviates from the traditional two-semester school year. 

Each contestant shall be passing all coursework for which credit is given and shall be making adequate progress toward graduation requirements at the end of each grading period. Grading period, graduation requirements, and any interim periods of ineligibility are determined by local policy. 

If at the end of any grading period a contestant is given a failing grade in any course for which credit is awarded, the contestant is ineligible to dress or compete in the next occurring interscholastic athletic contests and competitions in which the contestant is a contestant for 30 consecutive calendar days, the student may be reinstated if passing all classes. A student wanting to be reinstated will need to fill out an academic eligibility form located in the Activities Office. 

A student with a disability who has an individualized education program shall not be denied eligibility on the basis of scholarship if the student is making adequate progress, as determined by the school officials, towards the goals and objectives on the student’s individualized education program. 

A student who meets all other qualifications may be eligible to participate in interscholastic athletics for a maximum of eight (8) consecutive semesters upon entering the ninth grade for the first time. However, a student who engages in athletics during the summer following eighth grade is also eligible to compete during the summer following twelfth (12) grade.  

All member schools shall provide appropriate interventions and necessary academic supports for students who fail or who are at risk to fail, and shall report to the department regarding those interventions on the comprehensive school improvement plan. 

A student is academically eligible the first trimester of his/her 9tgrade year.

A student is not eligible to participate in an interscholastic sport if the student has, in that same sport participated in a contest with or against, or trained with, a National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA) or National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA), or other collegiate organization’s sanctioned team. A student may not participate with or against high school graduates if the graduates represent a collegiate institution or if the event is sanctioned or sponsored by a collegiate institution. Nothing in this sub rule shall preclude a student from participation in a one-time try-out with or against members of a college team with permission from the member school’s administration and the respective collegiate institution’s athletic administration. 

No student shall be eligible to participate in any given interscholastic athletic sport if the student has engaged in that sport professionally. 

The local superintendent of schools, with the approval of the local Board of Education may give permission to a dropout students to participate in athletics upon return to school if the student is otherwise eligible under these rules. 

Remediation of a failing grade by way of summer school or other means shall not affect the students ineligibility. All failing grades shall be reported to any school to which the student transfers. 

They were out of school last trimester or entered school this trimester later than the tenth day of school. 

They have changed schools this trimester except upon change of residence of their parents. 

They have ever accepted an award for their high school participation from an outside group other than in inexpensive, unframed, un-mounted paper certificate of recognition or if they have ever received any money for expenses or otherwise for their participation in an athletic contest. 

They have competed on an outside school team as a team member or as an individual team while out for a sport and during that sport season without the previous written contest of the school superintendent or designee. 

Starting dates for ineligible periods will begin with the first dates on which competition is allowed according to IHSAA and IGHSAU. If the sport is currently in progress, the student shall sit out for 30 consecutive days. 

Their habits and conduct both in and out of school are such as to make them unworthy to represent the ideals, principles, and standards of their school. 

The period of eligibility for non-athletic participants will begin with the first school day following the day grades are issued by the school district. The participant will miss a minimum of one event. A student involved in Student Council or FFA will be ineligible to participate in meetings or committees for 30 days. If passing after 30 days, they will be reinstated to the Council or FFA. An ineligible music student (one receiving an “F”) will be unable to participate in any competitive event. This will include, but not be limited to marching band, contests/festivals, district, state, large group festivals, all state auditions, and any other competitions.