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7th - 12th Grade Online Activities Registration Information

Updated Physical, Concussion, Code of Conduct and Health/Injury forms must be completed before your student athlete practices or competes.  

Physicals are valid for 12 months from the date of the last exam with a 30 day grace period.

This year we will do all of our activity registration 7-12 online.  This process will replace filling out paperwork and turning them in.  You will receive confirmation if your registration is complete or if you are missing something.  Year 1 will be a bit of a challenge with physicals...we will be in communication with this process.

Please have your students with you when completing this registration process and read through the FAQ's below before entering the site so you know what to have ready.

Registration Site:


Q.  When do I register my student athlete for athletics?


Q.  Do I have to complete this online process with my student athlete?  


Q.  Do I have to use my student ID for online athletic registration?

 No, you can continue the process without your student ID.

Q. How do I know if I have an account with our Online Athletic Registration?

This system is new for 7th - 12th grade student athletes.  Most will need to create an account this year.
In right hand corner you will see a link to I DONT HAVE AN ACCOUNT.  Click that and set up an account.  This account will be good for each remember you're username and password.

 If your student is an incoming 9th grader, then you will NOT have an account and WILL need to create one.

If you are an incoming 7th & 8th grader, you WILL need to create an account.

If you are a brand new student athlete 7th - 12th grade, you WILL need to create an account.

Q. Do I have to upload my physical form to my account?

Yes, you may use a scanner or if you don’t have access to one, you can take a photo of the form with your cellular device and upload the picture.  We will not be uploading physical forms.  Make sure you have the physical form completely filled out and parent/guardian signature completed otherwise, the physical will be invalid.

Q. Do parents/guardians have to sign the physical form once the doctor has filled it out?

Yes, please look for this area and sign/date where it asks for parent/guardian signature etc. If not signed, it will delay the process.


Q. Am I able to register my student athlete for all the sports he/she is interested in participating in the school year?

Yes, you don’t have to register for one sport at a time.


Q.  Where is the concussion, code of conduct, accompanied by the insurance questions and the health/injury forms?

It is all included in the Online Athletic Registration.


Q. Will this account be the same account I use throughout my student athlete’s middle and high school career?

Yes, and if you have other children that will participate in the future, you will use the same account information. So, please keep track of your username and password.


Q.  Where can I find the physical form that needs to be filled out by the doctor?

You can download the physical form from the activities website:


Q.  My son/daughter is only out for band, do I need to do this?

YES!  Please fill this out all except they do not need a physical for band.


Any questions about this process, please feel free to contact Ryan or Lynne in the High School Activities Office:

Ryan Parker , Activities Director -

Lynne Veldhuizen, Activities Secretary -