Teacher Leadership and Compensation (TLC)

The Teacher Leadership and Compensation or TLC System is a program through the state of Iowa to improve teaching and learning through distributed teacher leadership. Teachers go through a rigorous application process and those selected to serve in this capacity earn a yearly stipend paid through the program.

In Oskaloosa teachers assume the following leadership roles:

  • Instructional Coach
  • Professional Learning Community Facilitator
  • School Leadership Team Member
  • Mentor



Instructional Coaches

An instructional coach collaborates with and supports teachers as they reflect on teaching practices and implement changes in order to positively impact student learning and achievement. The district has 7 instructional coaches; three serve the elementary, two serve the middle school, and two serve the high school.  

Instructional coaches work with teachers by:

  • Actively listening and asking reflective questions
  • Engaging in collaborative conversations
  • Providing job embedded professional learning
  • Assisting teachers in setting student driven goals and monitoring student growth
  • Creating a culture of coaching

Instructional Coaches

Photo of Jeanne Clark

Jeanne Clark

Instructional Coach

Photo of Michael Comfort

Michael Comfort

Instructional Coach

Photo of Amanda Doud

Amanda Doud

Instructional Coach

Photo of Hillary Gingerich

Hillary Gingerich

Instructional Coach

Photo of Steve Kaisand

Steve Kaisand

Instructional Coach

Photo of Kendra Roquet

Kendra Roquet

Instructional Coach

Photo of Kirsten Stek

Kirsten Stek

Instructional Coach

Professional Learning Community Facilitators

Each grade level and content area has a PLC Facilitator that leads the PLC process throughout the year.  The PLC process is a group of teachers that collaboratively answer these questions first espoused by Rick DuFour: What do students need to learn? How will we know they learned it? What will we do if they did not learn it? What will we do if they already know it?

The purpose of the facilitator is to guide the team through answering these questions by analyzing student work and using research based strategies. The PLC Faciitators engage in additional professional learning throughout the year to gain the skills needed to fulfill their purpose.




School Leadership Team Member

Each building has a School Leadership Team (SLT).  This centralized team sets building goals, plans professional development, and moves the building action plan forward.  SLT teacher leader members contribute to the team and lead committees as the need arises.

Mentor Teachers

Mentors are an integral part in introducing new staff to the district and the profession and are provided for all teachers who are new to Oskaloosa Schools.   Each mentor not only engages in professional learning around effective mentoring skills but also engages in professional learning with their mentee throughout the year.  

Mentors have various roles, including:

  • Model a positive, growth mindset
  • Acclimate new staff to the district and building
  • Provide support and training on district/school initiatives
  • Work collaboratively with the new teacher through observations and discussions
  • Be a trustworthy support system both personally and professionally
  • Assist new-to-the-profession teachers with state and district-level expectations to receive standard licensure